Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project introduction!

A long time ago I made some matching fleece Batman hats for my little group going to Japan in the winter together. 

Fast forward several years, lemme tell you losing your hair is cold and uncomfortable. Return of the fleece hat! 

In all the infusion clinics I went to, my hat was commented on by nurses and fellow patients.
So here’s the thing, most hats you can get for free in the infusion clinics are donated by nice people learning how to knit with their great-aunt’s left over yarn. They. Are. Ugly. (But keep doing it! After you’ve become proficient there’s plenty of people who’d love a cute knit hat).

Other options are to buy cloches which is a look I think only extremely cute girls with petite features can pull off, but they don’t cover completely the lack-of-hair. And most people going through chemo want to completely cover up the lack-of-hair (okay, I’m a terrible example, as I took advantage of my lack-of-hair to costume Voldemort).
So wearing a wig under a hat? Uncomfortable, unless you wear a wig liner. Wearing a wig liner plus a wig plus a hat? Your head starts to over heat and still not so comfortable. So then you’ve got beanies, which... are often kind of thuggy...

Bottom line! There aren’t many cute (and comfortable!) easy options.
So my mum and I began picking up fleece remnants (you don’t need much to make a hat, plus remnants are often 50% off) at the fabric store, I got a bunch of my friends together, gave them a pattern and directions, fed them, had a good time, and made hats!

The start of a beautiful project :D

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