Saturday, June 9, 2012

March Hat Party

I’m behind, I know, sorry~!

In March I had the biggest hat party yet! To celebrate my not-deadness 8D

We ended up with 10-15 people and 6 hours later, 65 hats!

These all look a bit funny on my because I have a small head, and these are the size Larges we made. 

We make three sizes, small, medium, and large. Small is generally for little kids, medium is well, average. Everyone who attended the party was probably a medium. Large is for them people who just... have big heads 8D We don't make as many of those. 

Actually I'm not sure if we should just make medium for everyone? They do stretch. 

So. Sadly these hats are not turned in yet. After the party, the hats get washed as most if not all the fleece came from houses with cats, and the hats are going to imuno-compromised people. Not a necessarily good combination.

It took me a few weekends to get to it. Then I snapped all of these pics and washed everything and had them bagged and ready to go by the end of the weekend.
I felt so accomplished.
My mum's friend's niece has just started chemo, and the hair loss will start in a few weeks. So she asked to nab one. Great, that's what they're for!
She opens the tote...

Condensation D:
All of the bags.
They felt dry when I'd bagged them but I guess fleece retains moisture aaand... they weren't.
So drying each batch thoroughly now.
Some of the labels also got mildewy or the fleece bled so they got spotty :/ So currently designing some new labels anyway. Which I may post for feedback.

Everything should be turned in by Wed!

Pics of the other sizes, patterns, and tutorials coming soon~!

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