Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hat party results!

Yay another successful hat party!

Due to the holidays and all, not as many people showed up as last time but! 22 hats were made!

Also Doris added to my hat tutorial and wrote a fun tutorial on how to insert cat ears, check it out!

(Also I just realized I blurred your face only to link to a post where it's quite prominent...)

We had more people this time who weren't exactly sewers, so we opted for a lot of simple options.

Lots of really bright colours! They came out really fun.

I tried something new this time, using steam-a-seam for the details.
Firstly, ironing the fleece gives it a sort of flat look, which doesn't come out with washing.
And it's fine for little pieces, like the "A" on the Captain America hats, and the balloons on the Pinkie Pie hat, but that Goomba didn't work out so well and I'm going to have to go back and top stitch.

This ghostie from Pac-Man is my favourite of the bunch. But I did end up top stitching the whites of the eyes on. The blue stayed on fine though!

And on Jiggly Puff here I ended up top stitching the whites of the eyes and the puff. You can also see this is post washing and the puff looks a little flat.

Also! Recognize this hat?

I used it as a demo and did more stuff to it to show what can be done.

On the inside, flip the seam allowance towards the crown of the hat and zigzag.

Ta-da~ This is a nice finish if you are making it for someone with no hair, because the seam allowance can rub and be uncomfortable.

Then on course, you're stuck with this zigzag on the outside, which sometimes isn't the look you want....
The clouds I just free hand cut out, slapped them on and zigzag stitch just inside the edges.

Happy hatting!

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