Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April hatting party!

A little over three weeks ago I had another hat party :D

We had some new faces this time, which was really exciting. I'm not so great at that networking thing, but I would like this to be more of a... "thing" (I have no idea how to explain, so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead).

56 hats!
Click the cut to see my faves!

My camera doesn't do justice to how bright some of these are!

In the past we've done Captain America hats (adorable) and I was complaining how I couldn't quite visualize how to do an Iron Man hat (which kids, and adults, would love!). Bryan to the rescue! He designed these and I think they came out really nice, and they weren't that hard to make :D

All washed and labeled and ready to go!

I'm thinking a themed party would be good next time, like Star Trek (yes, we totally made more Star trek hats), or Avengers.

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